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NASA expert claims to have seen ET from UFO standing in Shuttle payload bay during space flight.

Clark McClelland's long association with the UFO phenomenon has followed him throughout his aerospace career. I NASA veteran Clark C. McClelland confirms alien existence as outlined by astronaut Edgar Mitchell I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with TWO tethered US NASA Astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods.
observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing.

IT WAS AN ET and Alien Star Ship!

A friend of mine later contacted me and said that this person had also observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET INSIDE the SPACE SHUTTLE CREW COMPARTMENT! Yes, inside OUR Shuttle! BOTH missions were DoD (Pentagon) TOP SECRET (TS) encounters!

With my verifiable background, there is no Federal Government Agency that can say I am crazy!

I am a SPACE PROGRAM PIONEER. I assisted in launching the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Space Shuttle, Deep Space Missions, and the International Space Station.

I have received character substantiation from: Walter Cronkite, Major Donald
Keyhoe, NICAP Director, Richard Hall, Assistant Director of NICAP, Astronomer, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, etc. I served as the Assistant State of Florida and KSC Director of MUFON, the Director of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) at Cape Canaveral and KSC! I have received honored mentions from US Senators, Congressman, Military Officers and Scientists. (See my website site below for more exciting disclosures)

In fact, this absolutely verifies what my friend, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14, has recently and courageously released!

I have launched or witnessed 650 missions, so far in my life!

I am an expert in visually recognizing any crafts created and flown by the human race, whether secret or otherwise!I know an ET and Alien craft when I see them!

I was the Director of the NICAP Unit-3 actual X-Files at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, 1958 to 1992! YES, the ACTUAL X-FILES!! Aliens ARE HERE!! They walk among US! They may be implanted into OUR various earth governments!!

What I know, they would NOT allow me to publish! I have written at least three books to release the TRUTH to all of the HUMAN RACE! I was on the leading edge of this subject, and I have met with many NASA and other astronauts throughout the years I have been involved in the Military, NASA Space Programs, 1958 to 1992! I have heard many experiences of ETs having been seen on the Moon, etc., by NASA Astronauts and I relate these and more in my books.

NASA is not a CIVILIAN SPACE AGENCY! The Pentagon owns NASA! Some of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions I participated in were TOP SECRET! Those missions carried TS Satellites and other space mission hardware into orbit where several crews met with ETs! I am ready to tell my story, but, for compensation,

UFO Disclosure from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

Clark McClelland is a bonafide expert in the field of UFO specialists. He began his investigations of this strange phenomenon in 1947. His 60 plus years of study in the field of UFOlogy puts him in a unique class of educators and investigators.

He has lectured at many national universities including Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Berea, Montana State University, New York University, Idaho State, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and others too numerous to mention. On several occasions, he was requested by students and faculty to bring his unique topic to their campus as an elective course, although his work at Kennedy Space Center at the time overruled his acceptance.

Clark McClelland's long association with the UFO phenomenon has followed him throughout his aerospace career. In 1958 he was assigned to the national space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and helped launch or viewed 650 rockets and spacecraft. In addition to being an Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant to the Apollo Program Manager during the Apollo moon landings, McClelland and other SpaceCraft Operators did extensive technical checkout of simulated flights and mission objectives of the various shuttles to assure orbital success and the personal safety of the astronauts. McClelland knew many of the astronauts who perished during the Challenger disaster and certainly did all he could to keep each shuttle from such a repeat accident. He has held important positions involving such manned projects as Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo lunar landings, Skylab, the Space Shuttle and the Space Station. He was assigned to the cockpit of the Space Shuttle missions as a SpaceCraft Operator (Ground Test Astronaut). If anyone knows what is going on in space, with humans or otherwise, it is McClelland

In 1960, Major Donald E Keyhoe, the International Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) selected McClelland to be Director for the Kennedy Space Center and central Florida region. His unit members included two NASA Astronaut Flight Surgeons, many engineers, scientists and mathematicians as consultants and investigators. Later, he was chosen as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Director at the KSC and served concurrently as Assistant State Director for Florida.

McClelland's name is on three commemorative monuments, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions - - - His name will be on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and the Deep Space Missions monuments in the future

"To Clark McClelland: A space pioneer and a top SpaceCraft Operator. With admiration for your work."

Walter Cronkite, from an autographed photo given to Mr. McClelland.

"Your gift of knowledge concerning space exploration, astronomy and cosmic life is most impressive. I've always enjoyed our talks during my visits to the KSC/MFA (Kennedy Space Center/Manned Flight Awareness) awards presentations."
"Clark, it is as impossible to confirm them (UFOs) in the present as it will be to deny them in the future."

Dr. Wernher von Braun (deceased), space flight pioneer and NASA scientist

"Thanks for the great orbiter (Shuttle) you gave us. It ran better than my lawn mower! Again, thanks to you and your fellow spaceship perfectionists, it pays off!"

Brian Duffy, NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle Mission Commander."

Thanks for letting us borrow YOUR orbiter."

Kathy Thornton, NASA astronaut and space walker who helped repair the Hubble Space Telescope in orbit.

"Clark, you were a GREAT Space Shuttle ScO (Space Craft Operator, etc.)."

Dr. Sally Ride, NASA Astronaut and first American woman in space.

"I am indebted to Clark McClelland, Director of the Kennedy Space Center UFO Investigative NICAP group, for the benefit of his scientific evaluation of UFO sightings and those of his fellow aerospace engineers and scientists."

Major Donald E. Keyhoe (deceased), former International Director, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Washington, DC.

"I will be pleased to call upon you to investigate UFO reports in the Kennedy Space Center area. I am most interested in your exchange of information with the Russian scientists."

Dr. J. Alan Hynek (deceased), Director, The Center for UFO Studies.


Las autoridades policiales salteñas aseguran que la zona es ámbito propicio para la actividad ovnilógica.

Testigos afirman que era del tamaño de una cancha de fútbol Mega OVNI dio en Salta un espectáculo sobrecogedorIdentikit del hombrecito que brilla confeccionado con los datos de los testigos.

Por PACHI LA FATA“Fue hermoso y sorprendente”. Con estas palabras, un reconocido comerciante de la localidad de Cachi, en la provincia de Salta, sintetizó su reciente experiencia con un “Mega OVNI”, un aparato cuyas dimensiones son “más grandes que una cancha de fútbol”.Pero no fue el único privilegiado, porque el objeto fue también observado por decenas de testigos surcando silenciosa y sigilosamente los cielos, dando cuenta de un nuevo “contacto” con civilizaciones extraterrestres en nuestro país y convirtiendo a esa región del norte argentino como uno de los puntos favoritos para los “turistas” de otros mundos.

El extraordinario suceso fue divulgado la semana pasada en el programa radial del famoso investigador Antonio Zuleta, conocido en todo el mundo por sus sorprendentes filmaciones de Objetos Voladores No Identificados (OVNIs) y reveladores reportajes a testigos de los episodios.

En esta ocasión, la historia del singular avistamiento comenzó a tomar estado público cuando una docente, identificada como Evangelina Romero, llamó a la producción y comunicó que quería contar su experiencia. Cabe destacar, para tener mayores referencias, que la ciudad de Cachi está ubicada a 154 kilómetros de la capital salteña, se levanta a 2.300 metros sobre el nivel del mar y durante la noche -momento en que ocurrió el fenómeno- la temperatura en escasas ocasiones supera los cero grados centígrados.Convencida de la importancia de dar a conocer su visión, la maestra Romero concurrió personalmente a las instalaciones de Radio San José y, una vez en el estudio, expresó que la noche del episodio casi nadie se encontraba al aire libre, dadas las bajas temperaturas, por lo que estaba convencida que pocas personas habían tenido la fortuna de divisar el artefacto volador.

El especialista Zuleta, conductor del programa radial “Cachi y la Gente”, de lunes a viernes, realizó preguntas precisas sobre la situación, y la entrevistada brindó detalles acerca de una estructura de color plateado, enorme y que irradiaba luces de varios colores. Además, contó que se trataba efectivamente de un platillo, volando relativamente “bajito” y que se movilizaba “silenciosamente” por los cielos del oeste de la ciudad.Rubén Guitián, marido de la mujer y respetado comerciante de la zona, también se hizo presente en el programa, y sostuvo, ante la sorpresa de toda la ciudad: “estamos seguros de que se trataba de algo metálico con la forma como de un disco, que en la parte del medio despedía haces de luces de múltiples colores, especialmente blancos, violetas y anaranjados”.“Sobrevolaba los cerros del oeste y se desplazaba de sur a norte en el más absoluto silencio pese a que se trataba, a no dudarlo, de una estructura tan grande como una cancha de fútbol”, puntualizó la docente. “Fue hermoso y sorprendente”, manifestó Guitián.Poesía cósmicaLa narración del matrimonio motivó a otros oyentes, y de inmediato comenzó a sonar el teléfono de la radio con ansiosos vecinos que también querían aportar datos de sus experiencias. Así, en los estudios apareció el poeta y músico Hugo Alcoba, cuyo renombre en la música folklórica nacional proviene de canciones tales como la titulada “Vino Nochero”.

El artista fue contundente al afirmar que “lo visto anoche fue espectacular”.“Yo también vivo en la zona oeste y junto con un grupo de amigos que nos encontrábamos charlando en el quincho de mi casa, pudimos ver este extraordinario y sobrecogedor espectáculo. No es la primera vez que muchos de nosotros habíamos observado este tipo de extrañas luminosidades que han hecho famoso a Cachi, más allá de sus exquisiteces autóctonas, arquitectónicas y paisajísticas, y atraen a ovnílogos por decenas, durante todo el año, tal como ocurre con el cerro Uritorco de las sierras cordobesas”, puntualizó el eximio guitarrista, creador de “Ay, mi Salta”.Alcoba fue más allá al afirmar que “esto fue especial, muy especial: era un clásico ‘plato volador’, como los de las películas de los años 50: enorme, circular, despidiendo haces de luces, volando grácilmente y sin despedir un ruido. La fantástica visión duró pocos instantes, pero alcanzó para que los que lo vimos, tejiéramos todo tipo de hipótesis en torno a lo que fue”.Por último, el investigador Zuleta comentó que recibió decenas de llamadas de lugareños que aportaron más información sobre el caso y hasta sostuvo que un turista francés, identificado como Jean Claude Pemjean, de 38 años y profesión topógrafo, tomó imágenes del episodio con una cámara que utiliza el sistema de rollos fílmicos. “Las vamos a tener luego de que pueda revelar la cinta”, concluyó Zuleta.

Fuente: Diario Popular OnLine
Informó: Guillermo D. Giménez - Argentina